How teaching technology to kids helps better their lives and the world

How teaching technology to kids helps better their lives and the world

“Hey Google, how long do turtles live?”

“Hey Siri, what is an acute triangle?”

“Hey Alexa, when did the American Civil War end?”

Questions like these used to require children to take time and make an effort to find the answers they sought. Today, our kids have almost all of the knowledge in the world, not only at their fingertips, but also in response to their voice. Technology really has changed the game.

We have all heard about the many downfalls and the potential negative aspects of how we use these new technologies. But there are plenty of examples showing the ways in which we can have a positive relationship with technology. Especially when it comes to the ways in which we teach technology to the youngest among us.

Utilizing technology to better teach and learn

Father and children looking at laptopStudents learn in so many different ways that it’s often difficult for teachers to be able to give each student in their overpacked classroom the attention and differentiation that they need. Using technology in innovative ways can assist a teacher in offering a more flexible learning experience for their students.

Learning and fun haven’t always gone hand-in-hand, but with the help of innovative technologies, kids can do both with more frequency. This can be done through the gamification of information or simply through the motivation to be able to use the devices at their disposal instead of listening to another lecture by one of their teachers.

Children can also use technology to focus more intently on areas in which they may be struggling. Parents might not be able to pay for a tutor or have the knowledge to help their kids by themselves, but their kids usually have access to websites or apps that allow them to get the help they need on the subjects that are proving to be more difficult for them.

Citizenship through connectivity in technology

One of the many benefits of today’s technologies is that we can introduce our youth to the ways in which each and every person is interconnected via technology. Learning that anyone can work with and for the larger world can create a sense of empathy towards all people at an early age. 

This amount of connection does, however, require our parents and our teachers to assist in explaining the responsibilities of being a digital citizen in today’s world. This can be taught through example or through leadership towards applications and websites that are focused on making our society better than it currently is. 

Technology as the future

Probably the most obvious way that teaching technology to children is important is that it prepares them for a future that will increasingly rely on new technologies. Most of today’s work requires at least a basic technological understanding and many jobs require an adaptive skill set that is usually learned through experience with technology.

There is also an increasing number of apps that are specifically targeted towards helping kids develop mental muscles that will benefit them in their adulthood. From concentration and focus to creative problem solving, these programs can begin to build a knowledge base that will be important not only in the workforce, but also in everyday life.

It’s important to remember that when parents play a role in education, students are more likely to succeed and be motivated to learn. We cannot rely solely on technology to teach kids about the ways of the world. But with technological help, the next generation has the potential to have a positive impact our planet has never seen before.